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Where to Find the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gifts can be baffling, all sounding like different ways of saying the same thing. [Read More]

The Da Vinci Fail: 8 New Movies About Jesus

Never believe rumors of Jesus’ death. He is alive and well — and coming soon to a theater near you. [Read More]

12 Good Movie Priests in Last 4 Years. Why?

I counted up priest portrayals in movies and soon had a list of 20 positive priest portrayals since 2000. Then I noticed 15 of them were from the past 10 years. And then .... [Read More]

A Campus Where Faith and Reason Meet

Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s Homily at Benedictine College’s Baccalaureate Mass, May 15, 2015. [Read More]

Courage and Faith on the Commencement Stage

When Kristen Adlhoch walked across the stage, the crowd erupted. [Read More]